Pug Rescue

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Pug Rescue Victoria has recently been re-launched with a new team focused on providing foster care for homeless pugs.
They are run by unpaid volunteers who are dedicated to helping find pugs a new caring home.
Visit Pug Rescue and Adoption today.

We provide information on pets, namely dog care and adoption. If you are looking to adopt a pet dog, there are a number of resources to point you in the right direction. Owning a pet is a big responsibility, so before making the big step, take the time to think about whether you are ready to accept an animal in your life as something to love and care for. If you would like to volunteer your home and heart, visit Pug Rescue.

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Pugs are not just dogs, they are little people in fur coats! Here are some very important points to consider when choosing to adopt a pug:
* Pugs are indoor dogs and do not like being outside on their own. (Installing a doggy door in a pug friendly home ensures your pug can go in and out as they please)
* Pugs can develop respiratory problems if they are exposed to cold conditions in winter.
* Pugs need a high quality diet, so look to feed them accordingly. Pet, Horse and Farm in Melbourne provides pet supplies including a range of food that's good for your dog. We highly recommend them.
* Most pugs cannot swim and will drown easily (It is essential that if you have a pool, it must have pug proof fencing around it).
* Pugs shed 365 days a year, so if you dont think you could handle pug hair every-where, the pug is not for you.
* Pugs are a high maintenance breed, so be prepared for vet bills.
* Spoil your pug
* Pugs do not need alot of exercise, a daily walk around the block is fine.
* Do not let your pug get overweight, an overweight pug is most likely to develop health problems and die younger.
* Pugs grunt, snore, fart, snuffle and sneeze in your face!
* If you are going away, you may want to put your pet into cat boarding to ensure it is looked after safely while you're gone. A cattery or kennel with a vet on-site is very important.
* Facial folds above the nose needs daily cleaning to avoid infection.
* Pugs can get eye ulcers very easily, so it is important to see a vet imediately if you think your pug may have an ulcer. Not seeking veterinary treatment straight away could cause your pug to loose an eye.

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